Hey #JAAlumni, 
Are you looking for ways to up your #Virtual #Interview game?   Are you stressed out when applying for your college applications or trying to secure a job? Fret not we have your back. #JoinUs in this months #SharingSession as we get experts from #WOBB to help you hack the tricks and perform better in virtual interviews. 
Friday 19/02/2021
08:00 PM
Link to Register : https://jaworldwide.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJMtcuGqpj8iHdU2OQ8yR_JB6fT8P7QuGsMQ


More info on WOBB :

Founded in 2014, WOBB is one of Malaysia's leading career platforms allowing organizations to actualize their employee branding to the acquire the right talent. WOBB is definitely on its way to become Asia’s most loved job search platform that helps budding employees discover and secure their dream job. Seeking to provide an alternative to a text-heavy web-based job seeking experience, WOBB uses mobile technology and rich media content to bring the human experience of job hunting to the digital world. This one of a kind mobile app features company pages that allow job seekers to also assess culture fit with potential employers - saving time for everyone. Over and above all these amzing features WOBB is also a strategic partner to LinkedIn.

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